How long does menopause last?


It’s a bit a difficult question to answer because it really is different for every woman.


Menopause is a time of a woman’s life when the ovaries no longer produce eggs and the production of ovarian hormones begins to drop off. This causes many different symptoms that ultimately result in the cessation of periods.


When a woman has had no periods for twelve consecutive months, it is said that menopause is over.


There are actually three phases of menopause during a natural menopause. These include the following:


  • Perimenopause. This is also referred to as the menopause transition. This period of time usually starts 8-10 years before actual menopause and is a time when the ovaries are gradually producing less of the hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. Perimenopause usually begins when a woman is in her 40s but can also begin when a woman is in her 30s. Perimenopause continues until the woman reaches menopause and no more eggs are made....
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How to avoid aches and pains from sitting all day for women 40+

Anyone who has ever spent a lot of time sitting at a desk – or hunched over their phone or iPad – knows the aches and pains of sitting for too long.


Here’s the thing, though. The dangers of sitting all day extend far beyond just shuffling around for the first few minutes after you stand up.


Justa few days agoI emailed you letting you know that sitting is likely NOT the new smoking!  But that doesn’t mean it can’t take its toll on your body.


If you don’t take a few precautions, it can have a long-term effect on your posture that even has its own scary-sounding name: kyphosis.


Kyphosis when you develop posture that leads to a forward head, rounded shoulders, back pain, muscle stiffness, and pain in your neck. It can even affect muscles around your hips and glutes.


I’ve got some strategies that can help you avoid all of that – because preventing kyphosis is so much easier than fixing it.



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Your new FAVORITE Protein Shake Recipe (inside)...


Have you ever tried matcha green tea? Whether you are new to it or a long-time fan, I have a recipe for you today that I can’t WAIT for you to try.


It’s packed with superfoods but tastes like a treat (really!). I came up with this recipe after dropping too much $$$ on Starbucks’ version, which isn’t as tasty or nearly as nutritious.


It’s perfect as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and you also can drink it before your workout if you need a little oomph to get moving.


Here’s why: you’ll get a definite energy boost from the matcha, which some studies show also can increase mental focus AND the rate your body burns fat. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and cinnamon has been proven to help balance blood sugar. Win-win-win!


Not only that, but this tastes amazing. Note: Starbucks version uses vanilla syrup, but I switched that out for protein powder. If you have some vanilla stevia drops, those...

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Are you showing up the way you want to? women 40+

The other night I just did NOT want to take any time to clean the kitchen, but it’s one of “my” chores (we all have our own chores)and I have this personal rule that before I go to bed, the kitchen has to be squared away.


Now, when I say I did NOT want to do it, I mean I really, really, really did NOT want to step even one foot into the kitchen.


I was tired and was counting down the minutes until I could get into bed. I’m sure you’ve been there.


But I knew the kitchen wasn’t going to magically clean itself. And I also knew something else, from past experience – and it’s actually why I’m writing you this message today.


I knew that if I didn’t keep my commitment to myself, it’d be easier to break that commitment again– and again, and again.


I also knew that it would have a ripple effect, making it easier to break other commitments to myself, too.


So I grumbled a...

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Remember “Sitting is the New Smoking”? for women 40+

I’ve got some good news for you today – plus some even better news! This is especially important if you work behind a desk most of the time.


First, do you remember a few years ago, when all the headlines blared that “Sitting is the New Smoking”?


Basically, researchers looked into the health risks of sitting for hours at a time, and the conclusion was that if you sit a lot, your risk of dying was the same as that of a smoker – even if you exercise!


The good news is that while those headlines might have started with a grain of truth, they weren’t 100% accurate.


New studies have shown that while sitting isn’t great for you, it’s definitely not as bad as smoking, according to researchers from Canada, Australia and the U.S. who published a study in the American Journal of Public Health.


Sitting more than 8 hours a day DOES increase your risk of premature death and developing some chronic diseases by...

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How to get rid of bloat (try this 10-second experiment)

bloat bloating menopause Jun 16, 2019


I have a fun experiment for you to try today. This gave me a huge “a-ha” moment – and I think it will you, too.


It’ll only take a few seconds, and (bonus!) you get to do it while you’re sitting down.


All you have to do is hunch over like you’re looking down at your phone. Now, slowly breathe in a big “belly” breath, letting it expand.


Wait, what?! It didn’t work very well, did it?


That’s because your deep core muscles (including your diaphragm) are contracted by the weight of your body. There’s literally no room to expand.


Now, either stand or sit up tall, and take in a deep breath. So much easier, right?


I love this exercise because it literally lets you feel you how much impact your posture has on your breathing. And it also gives some pretty big clues into how it affects other things that happen in your abdomen – including digestion!


Researchers have...

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How to slay stress and stay more confident during menopause and beyond

menopause stress Jun 16, 2019

I have a semi-serious question for you today. You know the old riddle, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”


That’s not my question, but it’s similar. Ready? Here it is:



Do you slouch because you’re stressed … or are you stressed because you’re slouching?


Scientists are uncovering links between your mood and your posture, and it turns out the two are tied together in powerful ways.


For most of us, that stress-posture question probably works in both directions. But there’s a surprising amount of research that shows that how you stand or sit has a pretty big impact on your stress level, self-confidence, and your mood!


Not only does your posture impact how others see you (happy and confident vs. depressed and guarded), it can play a role in how YOU see the world!


For example, a study published in the journal Health Psychology found that sitting upright (vs. slumped) might help...

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Some of the BEST advice I’ve ever heard….

Believe me, I know how hard it can be to "exercise"  going through menopause. You haven't got much energy and feel hot and sweaty anyway . But movement is so so important for your overall well-being, especially during menopause! So, let's do this together and move and exercise. I promise, when you keep showing up for yourself, you are going to feel so much better. 

 I have a little extra “exercise” for you the next time you get your sweat on. 

It all stems from a saying I learned from one of my mentors:

Train how you want to look.

 For some reason, that simple saying has stuck with me more than almost any other exercise coaching advice. It stuck with me because it makes such a HUGE difference.

I’ll get into exactly HOW you “train how you want to look” in a second, but first I want to talk about what good posture is and why it matters so much.

Most of us don’t normally give much thought to our posture. It’s automatic...

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This one thing can change EVERYTHING during Menopause


I Hope you are having a great weekend! I have a quick tip this morning that can power up your day FAST.

First thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up, drink a big glass of water … 8 to 16 ounces! 

Do this for two reasons:

  • Because it’s incredibly good for your body and (more below)
  • It has a powerful effect on your mindset that can extend throughout the day (keep reading!) 

Now, you already know the health benefits of water (my top 6 favs are below because they’re awesome enough to repeat).But the mindset benefit might be my favorite one.

A study in England found that doing ONE SMALL THING (like drinking a glass of water!) can set off a cascade effect that will help carve new habits for a lifetime!

 The study was aimed at helping healthcare workers provide better guidance to their patients in creating healthier lifestyles.

“Forming one ‘small’ healthy habit may thereby increase self-confidence for working towards other...

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How much is too much?

You won’t even believe this... 

Hi menopausal sister, 

The other day I saw a fact sheet online that blew my mind. It compared portion sizes today vs. the 1980’s and wow! What a difference.


Get a load of this:

  • A turkey sandwich in the 1980’s came in at 320 calories … now it’s 820.
  • A slice of pizza was 500 calories … now it’s 850.
  • Small fries were 210 … now they’re 610.


Obviously, those examples are for junk/fast food. But studies also show that for other foods, “marketplace” portion sizes – the size you see on nutrition labels, in restaurants, etc. – often are 6 or more times larger than the portion sizes recommended by the USDA!

That’s HUGE, and it adds up to a lot of extra food – maybe even THOUSANDS of calories – your body doesn’t need.

The thing that’s so troubling is that we get used to these larger portions and think they’re actually...

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