A few random facts about me:

  • I nearly died when I was 17 which totally changed my life
  • I went as far as sitting in a pool of ice  (and I really really don’t like cold water! ) learning from the “Iceman Wim Hof” how to control my autonomic immune system and boost my immune system and conquer my anxiety!
  • When I turned 40 I decided to “not let my fear and anxiety” stop me anymore and to say “Yes” to things that really scared me (I have had anxiety all my life) and the Universe has truly answered me in many different, funny and amazing ways!

I am all about YOU

If it has to do with ways to conquer anxiety naturally and holistically so that you will start to feel like the “real you and doing the things you truly. want to do", I can help!

It is my goal to help you to address all of your symptoms and challenges as natural as possible so that you feel better physically, mentally, and get your zest for life back! 

I want to guide you from Anxiety to feeling UNSTOPPABLE AND FULL OF JOY!

Yes, I have invested many years of my life on many health-related degrees and courses to learn as much as I can to help people just like you.

But mostly,  I have been burned out, 15 KG overweight, no energy and had anxiety since I was a little girl. I have experienced many traumas in my life, this is why I am so passionate to help you!

I feel completely different now! I walk my talk! And I want you to feel amazing too!

But, I am not pretending to be perfect! I am far from it actually. 

After my husband passed I was all about raising my girls, the best way I could. I was on constant “fight or flight” and racing around like a mad woman to make sure I did everything right and everything I could for them.

As a result, I suffered not only from anxiety but also burn-out and stress-related hormonal imbalance with hot flashes, no sleep, no energy, brain fog and mood swings like a teenager! 

Now, I follow my own mind, body, spirited approach and it works!

I can teach you how to do all of this also and feel like yourself again!

And while I am a big fan of “instant gratification” and the “quick fix,” changing habits takes times and dedication.

My approach is all about YOU!



My offering to you:

What I want for you is to love your life and body and manage your anxiety at naturally as possible 

and bring it into its optimal state of vitality and joy!

Only then can you live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it!

You've got this already!

Let me be by your side as your guide! So, let’s do this together!

Are you ready? 

 Lots of Love Susanne

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Susanne recently spoke at the Positive Living Network in Newry.  Her talk was informative, engaging and fun.  Susanne has a wealth of knowledge and a knack for sharing it.  I’m also really enjoying her book at the moment.  If you’re thinking of working with a holistic coach or accessing a speaker for an event then you should definitely consider Susanne.

Dr. Patricia McParland



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