Hey there!

I am Susanne McAllister

A few random facts about me:

  • I nearly died when I was 17 which totally changed my life (the full story is in my book "as she spreads her wings")
  • I do WHATEVER it takes to manage my own overthinking and anxiety and that of my clients. I even went as far as sitting in a pool of ice  (soooo cold) learning from the “Iceman Wim Hof”!
  • When I turned 40 I decided to “not let my fear and anxiety” stop me anymore and to say “Yes” to things that really scared me. Here are just a few: I said yes to singing in a band, yes to dancing with 200 men and walking over hot coals! 😊
  • I have published a few books and love filming youTube videos
  • I lived in 6 countries and have studied anything self-help, health and spiritual I could find since I was 15.

I am all about YOU

If it has to do with ways to stop you overthinking, feeling stressed and anxious I am right by your side.

I want that you do all the things you want to do and have the life and business of your dreams, spending time doing the things you love doing. 

Let's do this together!

I guarantee that if you work with me you will get where you want to go feeling calm, confident and centred trusting yourself with your life and business.

You've got this!

Let me be by your side as your guide! 

You are ready! Let's go! 

The sky is the limit! Book your session with me now. 



Go to UNSTOPPABLE and start to be anxiety free TODAY


Susanne recently spoke at the Positive Living Network in Newry Ireland.  Her talk was informative, engaging and fun.  Susanne has a wealth of knowledge and a knack for sharing it.  I’m also really enjoying her book at the moment.  If you’re thinking of working with a holistic coach or accessing a speaker for an event then you should definitely consider Susanne.

Dr. Patricia McParland



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