Self-Love Is the Key to Getting What You Want

Self-Love Is the Key to Getting What You Want


The only step to find the happiness, health, and fulfillment that you crave


Don’t get me wrong, I too cringe when someone mentions “Self-Love”. What comes to mind, is me standing in front of the mirror, telling myself “I LOOOOVE YOU” until the cows come home or I finally believe it. Let me put your mind at ease, this is not what I am doing or what I coach my clients or how this works.


I guess, you don’t walk around asking yourself “How can I love myself more”? BUT are you asking yourself these questions:


  • How can I lose that extra weight?
  • How can I feel happy even when my life drives me crazy?
  • How can I find love, or companionship or my soul mate or at least feel better about my partner right now?
  • Was this it for my life? How can I stop feeling so restless and empty?
  • How can I get healthier, fitter, and finally fit into these skinny jeans or at least feel less...
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We asked the WRONG question ...

Good morning, {{first_name}}!


A while ago I read something that absolutely blew my mind! It actually made me step back and rethink some of the things I’ve been taught.


Exactly how long does it take to create a habit?


It’s a question researchers have been trying to answer for years. We’ve heard everything from 3 weeks to 90 days to even longer!


But … what if that’s the WRONG QUESTION?


What if instead, we ask: how many “repetitions” of an action do you have to do before it becomes a habit?


This is SO POWERFUL because it is more action-oriented. It takes you out of the “passive” mode of waiting for time to pass … to being in charge of the process.


After all, it’s the ACTION that helps rewire your brain for success. Studies have shown that your brain can physically change in just a couple of months (and maybe even a few weeks) when you learn new things or create new...

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Finding Joy In Hard Times

As sure as the sun rises and sets each day, you will have periods in your life when things are just not going your way. In reality, life is basically a constant fluctuation of emotional highs and lows.


While most of our time is spent in the fairly even, mundane state of emotional normalcy, this is broken up by the peaks of the best of times and unfortunately, the valleys when nothing is going right.


While hardly anyone ever seeks information on how to deal with the best moments of their lives, handling the lows can be a difficult task. Today we live in very troubled times, a pandemic has taken over most of the world, and people are being affected in many profound and very real ways.


Everything that surrounds getting through this pandemic is based in suffering and pain, its just the nature of the beast. Death, isolation, fear, facing the unknown and grief and loss can strip of us our joy and may lead to depression.


While you cannot control what happens...

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yummy chocolate cherry smoothie that builds your muscles 😊 and prevents midlife spread



I’ve got a delicious smoothie recipe for you today that is packed with nutrients your muscles (and taste buds) will LOVE. As you might know, when we hit midlife it  is super important to keep our muscle mass or even better, build more muscles. This will not only keep us strong but it will also help us to prevent the midlife "spread" and burn more calories . 


It makes for a great power-packed breakfast or post-workout recovery drink, and it’s surprisingly refreshing.


Heads up! It has a few unusual ingredients that will amp up its superpower!


Be sure you get unsweetened tart cherry juice concentrate – it probably will be near the healthy bottled juices in your grocery store, depending on where you shop.


Here’s a quick rundown of why this smoothie is so awesome:


Tart Cherry Juice – This has been found to speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Plus, some studies show it might actually...

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Why “walking it off” doesn’t work

Why “walking it off” doesn’t work

Semi-serious question for you: How often do you think about your muscles? (I mean, besides how they look. ;-) )


I am asking you this because we expect our muscles to be able to perform for us at a second’s notice. But what do we do to actually take care of them so that they can perform when we need them?


So many of us play the “walk it off” game – either pushing through little “tweaks” or ignoring them – that we can start to think that our muscles don’t even NEED care.


But they do … especially if you want them to move with ease and perform at a high level! And who doesn’t want that?


Here’s the truth: Taking care of your muscles will have big payoffs now and into the future … and it will benefit your entire body. Plus, it feels GREAT!


I’m going to outline just a few steps you can take starting today to make your muscles...

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Do THIS and start feeling better today!

Your body LOVES to move … right down to its smallest molecules!


In fact, we’re wired for it … and your health depends on it.


Here’s a shocking stat for you:


“In less than two generations, physical activity dropped by 20% in the U.K. and 32% in the U.S. In China, the drop is 45% in less than one generation.” -


Over the next few weeks I’m going to be talking about how important it really is to take care of your body and muscles … and this goes far beyond the results you see in the mirror when you workout!

If you have been following me for a while know you that I am not only a midlife/menopause transformation coach but that I also teach Nia movement and Yoga and do a functional fitness class most days! It took me until I was 40 to make peace with my body and all I thought was wrong with it! This is why I am so passionate about helping my clients live their best lives and achieve optimal...

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Here’s your “2020 Healthy Swaps Checklist”

Here’s your “2020 Healthy Swaps Checklist”

 Here is a good one for you today, especially if you love to bake! 


Did you try them yet? So good!


Anyway … today I have a quick healthy swaps checklist you can use to bump up the “clean” quotient of your recipes.


While you’re working towards your goals this year, I still wanted you to be able to enjoy some of your favorite recipes … but a healthier version of them may taste equally as great (and will be a lot better for you)!


It’s important to note that because baking involves some science, swapping your ingredients can throw off your results (especially in the texture department) if you don’t adjust some other ingredients.


Example: if you have a recipe that includes eggs and you sub them out, you might need to add a little more baking powder.


That’s why I recommend only making 1 swap at a time per recipe, to avoid any...

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How to Break down your Fears - This 3 step process changes everything!

The first week of 2020 is already over! How are you feeling? Have you been setting BIG Goals? Declared this decade to be YOURS?  Or are you feeling little overwhelmed with the pressure of the new year and all the things that you "should" or "shouldn't do"? 

Big goals give you butterflies in your stomach because they take you outside of your comfort zone.

 I have an AMAZING exercise for you today to set those butterflies free. It’s something that can take your life to an entirely new level.


(Plus, you can do this whenever you find yourself struggling to make a big decision or when you notice something is holding you back.)


It all has to do with breaking down your FEARS.


Fear is sneaky. It might feel like dread … laziness … or you might even write it off as procrastination.


No matter what you call it, it’s holding you back.


The good news is that you CAN break out of the cycle, and I’m going to show you a...

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This simple upgrade helps you burn body fat


This is a super simple upgrade that will lay a solid foundation for your nutrition all day long.


And…. it’s especially important if you’re going food shopping or will be heading to a holiday party later that day.


This mini-upgrade will:


  1. Keep you feeling full until lunchtime,
  2. Shift your body from fat-storing to fat-burning mode,
  3. Can be mixed with other foods in tasty recipes, and
  4. Make your body healthier!


Sounds pretty amazing, especially for a nutrient that doesn’t get the respect it deserves.




It’s kind of weird to think that a nutrient that moves through our system basically untouched can make such a difference … but it does!


And when your diet is a little “off” (as it tends to be during the holidays), being consistent with your fiber intake can be a huge gift for your digestive tract.


Your gut – aka your digestive system – is filled with...

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Can you “catch” stress from people around you?

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve caught a bad mood from someone, it probably wasn’t your imagination.


A couple weeks ago I came across a study that looked into this, and I was fascinated because it’s something I’ve personally experienced (and chances are you have, too).


Have you ever been in the middle of a great day, and then you run into someone who is totally stressed out, angry or worried? And then before you know it, you’re knocked out of your good mood and are suddenly feeling stressed and agitated, too?


Scientists recently found that the brain changes associated with stress are actually contagious and can “infect” others. After the stressor is removed, females are better able to reverse those brain changes, while males have a tougher time with it.


This particular study (which was published in the medical journal Nature Neuroscience) was done on mice so obviously more investigation needs to be done on...

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