How to get rid of bloat (try this 10-second experiment)

bloat bloating menopause Jun 16, 2019


I have a fun experiment for you to try today. This gave me a huge “a-ha” moment – and I think it will you, too.


It’ll only take a few seconds, and (bonus!) you get to do it while you’re sitting down.


All you have to do is hunch over like you’re looking down at your phone. Now, slowly breathe in a big “belly” breath, letting it expand.


Wait, what?! It didn’t work very well, did it?


That’s because your deep core muscles (including your diaphragm) are contracted by the weight of your body. There’s literally no room to expand.


Now, either stand or sit up tall, and take in a deep breath. So much easier, right?


I love this exercise because it literally lets you feel you how much impact your posture has on your breathing. And it also gives some pretty big clues into how it affects other things that happen in your abdomen – including digestion!


Researchers have...

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