Take Control Over Your Anxiety

and do what you want, when you want

using a naturally proven formula

If you find yourself suffering from feeling overwhelmed, lack of sleep, feel terrified to attend necessary appointments or you’re searching for a way to escape anxious thoughts; I understand... 

Everyday life can be difficult and cause numerous reasons for anxiety, especially with the global crisis on our hands, if you’re feeling overwhelmed then you’re not alone.  It’s understandable that at this point in time many individuals’ anxieties are added to or intensified and no demographic is immune to its formidable hold.  I also appreciate that it can be terrifying to share these worries face to face with a specialist. With this in mind, I’ve designed a course that is specifically tailored to guide you into taming and taking control over your anxiety no matter where you are in the world.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • A Better Understanding of Your Anxiety

    Anxiety can’t just be lumped under one category. That’s why we’ll start by pin pointing what type of anxiety you have, to create a comprehensive understanding of ourselves and how to combat symptoms.
  • A Balanced Mind

    Feeling like you’re losing your mind? We’ll work on creating an inner balance allowing you to tame the anxieties that plague your mind and allow you to take back control.
  • A Balanced Body

    Don’t underestimate the power of movement and its benefits. You’ll be introduced to some of the advantageous methods of breathing and exercise that have had incredible results for clients.
  • A Set of Lifelong Anti-Anxiety Skills

    What you’ll learn during this course won’t just matter now, these lessons and practices can be used throughout your lifetime and called upon whenever needed.
  • The Ability to Live Life With Ease

    Working through each of my modules you’ll continue to grow and progress. Tasks you may have struggled with before will no longer be as big of a challenge.   

Through extensive experience and education, I have helped transform the lives of many women from being OVER-anxious, over-stressed, over-committed, overwhelmed, over-thinking, over-eating or over-drinking to being naturally in-tune and unstoppable so that they can have the life, body, career and relationships they truly desire.

As the founder of the International Anxiety Academy a licensed therapist, mindfulness and yoga teacher; you know you’ll be in safe hands as I take you on a transformative journey that will give you independence from your anxiety and a more meaningful balanced life.

Susanne McAllister, Anxiety Specialist & Founder of the IAA and the Susanne McAllister coaching business and podcast.

Susanne’s course has helped immensely with my anxiety. I’ve discovered various ways to help control and calm myself, which has resulted in being able to overcome many hurdles. I’m now at a point in my life that I thought I’d never reach.

- Emma, R.


I can’t thank Suanne and the Unstoppable community enough for their help and understanding. It feels amazing to be surrounded by others who empathise and make you feel like you’re not alone. I highly recommend this course if you’re also looking for support.

- Sarah, V.


It’s been a month since I bought the Unstoppable course and I’ve already experienced various improvements in myself. The course has helped me discover new methods for combating my anxiety and identify ones that work best for me.  

- Lucy, B. 


What’s Inside Unstoppable: Anti-Anxiety Course 


Module 1

The Background of Anxiety

Before working on ourselves it’s important to gain a full understanding of anxiety. In this module we’ll take a look at anxiety’s background and the different symptoms, then we’ll finish with a test and diagnosis.

Module Highlights:

  • Anxiety Facts
  • Symptoms
  • Test & Diagnosis
Module 2

What Anxiety Type Are You?

We’ll then further our understanding by establishing which type of anxiety you have. This is important because anxiety doesn’t have one symptom and one cure, it has many categories and can be treated differently.

Module Highlights:

  • Anxiety Type
  • Differences & Symptoms
Module 3

Balance Your Mind

Our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are all interconnected, making it easy to get lost in a perpetual cycle of anxiety and negativity. During this module we’ll take a look at Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and other methods that have made huge differences to people’s lives.

Module Highlights:

  • Journaling
  • Inner Connection Curative Sessions
  • CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Tools
  • Self-Talk
Module 4

Balance Your Body

It’s understandable that whilst being consumed in a moment of anxiety the last thing you’re thinking about is moving your body, but our bodies play a more integral role in our mental health than what you might think. In this module we’ll discover the link between our minds and bodies and how we can harness the power of movement to combat anxiety.  

Module Highlights:

  • Movement that Brings you Joy
  • How to breathe for a calmer more centred mind
  • Somatic Movement Therapy applied that calms your mind
Module 5

Medications and Supplements

In this module not only will we gain a better understanding of prescription medication, but you’ll also be introduced to effective supplements that can change your life for the better. Following this, take a look at detox toxins and how hormone imbalances can affect our bodies.

Module Highlights:

  • Prescription Medication
  • Balance your Brain
  • Chemistry with Amino Acids
  • Basic Supplements
  • Detox Toxins to combat anxiety
Module 6

The Secret to good sleep and relaxation for optimal health and immunity


Sleep and relaxation are just as important as diet and exercise, yet so many of us aren’t getting enough quality sleep or taking the time out of our hectic lives to relax. Here we’ll explore the topic of sleep and methods of relaxation and healing that have the power to eliminate anxiety.

Module Highlights:

The Ideal Sleep set up for a great worry free sleep 

  •  How to truly switch off 
  • Ideal Sleep patterns and set up
Module 7

Lifestyle for your Spirit and Soul

Sometimes it can feel like anxiety has taken our minds hostage, restricting us from the joys of life. By this point in the course you’ll have seen huge improvements in both your anxiety and overall health, so we’ll take the time to remind ourselves how precious and meaningful life is.

Module Highlights:

  • Grounding your body correctly 
  • Precious Time to get stuff done stress free
  • Meaningful High Vibing Life
  • Success Mindset 

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Unstopabble: Anti-Anxiety Course
(A $XX Value)


  • 7 of Modules

    In the form of a step by step formula to naturally tame anxiety, leading to a more fulfilling life.

  • Essentials Checklist

    An easy to follow checklist which will break down the process of your journey to an anxiety free life.
  • BONUS Course

    (valued at $ 47)

    Anti-Anxiety Food Solutions

    You may also be surprised by the influence food has over both our brain chemistry and emotions. Here we will cover what foods you should and shouldn’t consume and how this can improve both your mental and physical health.

    Module Highlights:

    •  Foods to Include
    •  Foods to Avoid
    •  Bonus Foods to Eat
    •  Food Sensitivities
    •  Sugar
    •  How to Improve your Gut Health

Plus This Added Bonus to Help You on Your Journey


6 Months Free Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Do you feel alone trying to calm your mind and reach all your goals? Do you feel that  nobody understands what you’re going through?

When purchasing this course, you’ll be invited to join my exclusive community’s Facebook group “The Unstoppables Private Group”.

Here you will be given 6 months free access and be able to communicate with others facing similar issues and concerns.

You have the exclusive opportunity to ask me any question that I will answer in my weekly live in the group. 

 $ 180 Value


What You’ll Get:

  • Exclusive access

  • Support from others in the community

  • Weekly communications from myself

A One-Time Investment into your health of

$ 134


The Unstoppable Guarantee 

Overcoming anxiety isn’t easy and there isn’t a simple fix, but I’m confident the content included in this course will guide and support you, whilst improving your quality of life. That’s why I’ve included a 14-day money back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with the resources and content available, but please keep in mind that overcoming anxiety is a lengthy process in which miraculous results cannot be expected immediately.

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A One-Time Investment into your health of

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Still thinking about it?


5 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Start Your Journey to Become Anxiety Free

    1. You’ve already started looking at steps to improve your anxiety but need an actionable plan with a structure for success.
    2. You’re struggling and need expert guidance.
    3. You’re willing and ready to accept help.
    4. You’re exhausted, your anxiety has hit the roof and you’re in need of a support system that’s available whenever you need it.
    5. You’re excited by the prospect of taking back your life and becoming anxiety free.

I can’t wait for you to join my Unstoppable: Anti-Anxiety Course


My intention for “Unstoppable: Anti-Anxiety Course” was to create easily accessible content with the added bonus of support backed by a community of likeminded people. The course can be accessed at all times and from any device. I want sufferers to know that they are never alone. This course has allowed me to transform the lives of clients across the world by providing a step by step proven formula.

If you’re exhausted from anxiety and want to restore the energy back into your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

Join the compassionate ‘Unstoppable’ community and take back your control.

Susanne McAllister 
Anxiety Specialist

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A One-Time Investment into your health of 

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