yummy chocolate cherry smoothie that builds your muscles 😊 and prevents midlife spread



I’ve got a delicious smoothie recipe for you today that is packed with nutrients your muscles (and taste buds) will LOVE. As you might know, when we hit midlife it  is super important to keep our muscle mass or even better, build more muscles. This will not only keep us strong but it will also help us to prevent the midlife "spread" and burn more calories . 


It makes for a great power-packed breakfast or post-workout recovery drink, and it’s surprisingly refreshing.


Heads up! It has a few unusual ingredients that will amp up its superpower!


Be sure you get unsweetened tart cherry juice concentrate – it probably will be near the healthy bottled juices in your grocery store, depending on where you shop.


Here’s a quick rundown of why this smoothie is so awesome:


Tart Cherry Juice – This has been found to speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Plus, some studies show it might actually...

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