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with Susanne McAllister

I help people to take their lives from being

Over-anxious, over-stressed, over-committed, overwhelmed over-thinking, eating or drinking to being naturally in-tune and unstoppable so that they can have the life, body, career and relationships they truly desire.


My clients totally transform their lives with my ICT "Inner Connection 5 step Process" that I have developed in over 20 years as a holistic therapist. 


Why use a Band-Aid when you can heal the “root cause” that stops you from transforming your life to what you truly want it to be?

You are in the right place if you want to


truly life your fullest and happiest life


feel calm, confident and in tune with your body and soul all the time


you are ready to swap the


"I should" into

"I am"


eating better


not overthinking


not over committing 


not feeling stressed


having the career you want


creating the social life and relationships that you deserve 

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How Susanne changed my life for the better Dr. Gundula Rhoades


Exchange fear for confidence, dread for hopefulness, and uncertainty for excitement as you begin this new, beautiful chapter of your life!

Provides simple strategies and cutting-edge information on:
• Tests you really need to know about and questions to ask your Doctor
• To HRT or not to HRT?
• Common Challenges and what really helps
• Which Supplements and Homeopathic remedies to take and why
• The emotional impact of Menopause and what to do
• How you can keep your symptoms as bay with Hypnosis – breathe – and mind-control
• A Low Tox Life for your Body and Home
• Essential Oils for menopause
• Addressing brain fog naturally
• A whole chapter for the BOYS - how your man can help
• How to finally make peace with your body
• Let’s talk about sex, baby! Tantra is not a dirty word!

Additional Resource:
A full 7 Day Meal Plan to kickstart your weight loss naturally with real and yummy food

With this trusted resource, Susanne McAllister shows that we can experience natural menopause inJOY and community so that we feel empowered, wiser, happier and stronger in our body, mind and spirit living our best and most joyous life.


The simple but extraordinary way to unlock your life, - personal, professional and spiritual This book reads like a fantastic real life novel – crime, mystery, love stories and even aliens. Find out how Your Inner Connection can bring you health, happiness, wisdom and abundance. The intriguing details about how Inner Connection can explain why you are here, who you are and why you are experiencing your Life the way you do. Change your life for the better and find the new happy YOU. Have you been searching for meaning in your life? Would you like to be in complete control of your life and have a direct contact with your higher self? Purchase the book here


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Mini online Course on how to handle stress during hard times

How to Handle Stress:
Stress is bound to happen, but how you handle it is up to you and will also determine its impact on your mental and emotional well-being.

• Cravings and Addictions:
Everyone has addictions, some are healthy and some destructive. Learning how to manage them instead of numbing yourself out with addictive behaviour like food, drink or shopping with will serve you well.

• Using Breath Work and Tapping: Controlling your Emotions and Fears with Breath Work and Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping is powerful and can be a great

Attracting Good Physical and Mental Health:
Life is rich with resources to support you living a happy and content life. Learn how to attract a healthy, happy body and mind.

• Power is Within You:
Deep in you is a source of power that can not be shaken by anything. You must learn to experience it.

• How to Have Peace:
Peace is everywhere and can be had by anyone if you do this one thing.

• Support Network:
Figuring out how to help yourself with creating a supportive thriving network of like minded friends.


"“I am so happy to report that after working with Susanne’s for a few months, I feel better than I have in years. In fact, like myself again! I couldn't thank you more for showing me a new way of living and being there for me, every step of the way. Vicki. C.” "


"Before working with Susanne my health wasn’t good and I felt unsupported and lonely. I was very stressed, wasn’t eating well or taking any time out for me. Susanne really got me and helped me through with her wealth of knowledge. Now my health is so much better, I have made positive changes, I don’t feel scared anymore and I have found my passion. Thank you, Susanne, you have made my life bearable again."

Liza Harding

What is the book With Sex, no Drugs and Rock'n Roll through Menopause and Beyond about?

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