Do you want to:

  • lose access weight naturally

  • age proof your body

  • sleep great

  • have energy

  •  be in a good mood

  •  have great sex

  •  feel less alone

  • transform yourself and be your best and truest version?

    YES to all of these? Then my signature 8 week program is for you! 



If you are still on the fence, just schedule a chat in with me and we can figure out if this is for you! No pressure - no sales tactics! Because I wouldn't like that either 😊

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8 Week "NEW YOU" Magic Group Coaching Program

Week 1

Magical YOU

Welcome to YOU! Get familiar with yourself again and build your road map to menopause. You learn about which tests you need and also do your menopause assessment.

Week 2
Magical Foods

Understand the relationship between diet and hormones and learn about which foods you should add to your diet to balance your hormones and your mood and get your mojo and lose weight without dieting. 

Week 3

Magical Supplements

Implement science-based supplements into your diet, tailored to your need to reduce menopausal symptoms and release happy hormones into your system naturally

Week 4

Magical Minds

Learn the best and most effective cognitive behavior techniques that have been shown to dramatically reduce menopause-related symptoms.

Week 5

Magical Sleep

Discover the newest leading edge secrets to sleeping peacefully through menopause. 

Week 6

Magical Sex

This week is all about tantric intelligence and menopause. Learn tantric practices and tools to connect with the body’s inner intuitive wisdom and heart energies. Learn about passion and pleasure to thrive both in the bedroom and beyond.

Week 7

Magical Environment

Discover how to future proof your body and learn about healthy ageing and a low tox life.

Week 8

Magical Transition Beyond Midlife and Menopause

Create your personal action plan to leave your legacy and reclaim the new “YOU” together with your tribe. 


1 x Payment $ 997 (best value) or 3 x Payment of $ 370 or 6 x Payment of $ 230


DO YOU WANT MORE INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION? Same as the above program but I will coach you individually, once a week for 1 hour and support you personally through the whole program. 1 x Payment of $ 2100 (best value) or 3 x Payment plan of $ 750 or 6 x Payment plan of $ 450


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