How much is too much?

You won’t even believe this... 

Hi menopausal sister, 

The other day I saw a fact sheet online that blew my mind. It compared portion sizes today vs. the 1980’s and wow! What a difference.


Get a load of this:

  • A turkey sandwich in the 1980’s came in at 320 calories … now it’s 820.
  • A slice of pizza was 500 calories … now it’s 850.
  • Small fries were 210 … now they’re 610.


Obviously, those examples are for junk/fast food. But studies also show that for other foods, “marketplace” portion sizes – the size you see on nutrition labels, in restaurants, etc. – often are 6 or more times larger than the portion sizes recommended by the USDA!

That’s HUGE, and it adds up to a lot of extra food – maybe even THOUSANDS of calories – your body doesn’t need.

The thing that’s so troubling is that we get used to these larger portions and think they’re actually...

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